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Are you tired of waking up and feeling dread at the day ahead? Of pushing the snooze button again and again because sleeping in is just more appealing than starting your day? And then when you finally get up, rushing through your morning?

Instead of mornings being a calming time that sets you up for success, you're in crisis mode, putting out fires. Too rushed to pack lunch? $10 out the window for lunch. Slept in too late to iron that shirt? You wear it anyway, feeling self-conscious about it the whole day. No time to prepare your upcoming day? You desperately hope you remember everything you need, and realize when you get to the office that you forgot to email yourself a crucial file from your home laptop.

You've tried different solutions - more coffee, less coffee, energy drinks, supplements, remembering everything in your head, apps, waking up earlier, random things you read online that famous people do - but none of them stick.

Start Your Day the Way Productive People Do - with a 6-Step Morning Ritual You Can Learn in Under an Hour, and Start Tomorrow (We've Helped Thousands of People Do This)

Start Your Day the Way Productive People Do

Your morning, the most important part of the day - the crucial period that sets the tone for what's to come - doesn't have to be rushed and stressful. It doesn't have to leave you coming to the office slightly out of breath and anxious because you've spent the last half hour of your commute anxiously watching the time, calculating how late you'll be to work.

Picture this instead. You wake up without procrastination, swing your legs out of bed, and feel only excitement as you think about taking on the day. There are no questions in your mind as you execute a well-worn series of steps. These are the steps that have worked for countless people before you, and you've customized them so they work for you too.

Because you're honoring what your mind and body need first thing in the morning, you're setting yourself up to succeed. Your breathing is calm, your movements are confident. No matter how you slept, you feel energized and ready for work. As soon as you woke up, you knew exactly what you needed to do - focus on yourself so you can power through your day.

No stress, just action.

Six easy steps that carry you forward into a productive day.

So How Do You Get These Stress-Free Mornings?

For a lot of people, morning after morning of stress and rush makes them beat themselves up. We hear this from our clients and readers all the time. "If I was really serious about being productive, I would've figured this out. If I was really organized, I'd have my mornings down. It can't be that hard. Is something wrong with me?"

You're ambitious, or your lack of productivity wouldn't bother you and you wouldn't be reading this. You're intelligent, because you're looking for answers instead of accepting things the way they are.

Some people have mornings that run more smoothly (and not just bloggers or Instagrammers who hide the messier sides of their lives). There might not be many of them, but you can see them if you look closely enough. They're the guy in the office who somehow seems happy on Monday mornings, gives a cheerful greeting to everyone he passes, and always looks put together and professional. Or your self-employed friend who gets up every weekday at 6am, sends the kids off to school, and is working by 8am. Somehow, these people have it down. And you don't.

So what's the problem?

Is it just that you lack willpower and discipline? That you're lazy?

Willpower is a Finite Resource

"What looks like laziness is often exhaustion"
- Chip & Dan Heath, Switch

Your willpower (like everyone's) has a limit. It doesn't come from a bottomless well of self-discipline and self-denial. It comes from the self-fulfillment of setting yourself up to make the right choices - every day, one step at a time.

The problem with your rushed, stressful mornings are that they exhaust your willpower. You don't have a step-by-step plan to follow, and so each time a choice comes up (sleep in or have time to meditate?), you have to exercise your willpower. And exercising willpower when you're at your most tired is a difficult task - for everyone. Each little (and big) choice you make erodes your willpower more and more, until stress and chaos take over again.

You're not lazy, you're exhausted.

The Shocking Truth About Habits (3 Simple Facts Most Productivity "Gurus" Won't Tell You)

The Shocking Truth About Habits

You might be thinking about habits right now. Some people think they're an effective way to circumvent willpower, and habits are a REALLY popular topic in productivity books and on blogs right now. They do seem to make sense. Take out the willpower... and just do something because it's a habit, right? Sounds simple.

I mean, once you've done something every day for a while, it should get easier... right?

Unfortunately, not really. Habits are easy to fall out of doing. It's frustrating for us to see people fall into this trap and to see advice about habits plastered all over the internet. Habits just don't work. And there are 3 reasons why.

1. Habits are isolated events

Consider the following:

Be healthier - be mindful - be organized

What do these all have to do with each other? Nothing, because in this model they're discrete events. Do one first, do the other first - it doesn't matter because they have no explicit relationship to each other.

2. Habits are vague

Or at least, the way that most people implement them, they are. What does "be healthier" mean? What does "be mindful" mean? Yes, these are worthy goals, but how do you actually attain an abstract state of being? What steps do you take?

Habits don't tell you where to start, because they're not specific enough.

3. Habits don't address the "why"

A lot of people have worthy habits, but if you ask them why they have them, they don't have a more specific response than, "Because it seems like a good idea." It's hard to keep up with habits when you only have vague reasons for them. Once the novelty of a habit has worn off, motivation wanes, and it's easy to let habits slide.

That's why you need a ritual, which has the "why" built in. And not just any reason, but one that's specific and meaningful to you. Instead of "being present," your real reason for meditating might be that you have a hard time focusing on conversations, and you worry people think you aren't interested in what they're saying. Meditating will ground you in the moment and improve your focus, so you'll be a more respectful conversational partner. There's your real "why."

We've Helped Hundreds of Thousands of People Get More Done, Earn More Money, and Achieve Their Full Potential

Hopefully I've convinced you that what you need to turn your mornings into a productivity booster is a morning ritual. Now I want to lay out for you exactly why we're the right people to teach you about this topic. Simply, with no fluff or gimmicks:

  • We've helped hundreds of thousands of people in over 187 countries with their productivity, time management, and success.
  • Thousands of people have used our six-step morning ritual to start their day off on the right foot.
  • Our productivity advice has been featured in major publications and on blogs, including in Lifehacker, Yahoo! News, Fast Company, and The Globe and Mail.
  • Tens of thousands of people read our newsletter, featuring the secret techniques and systems of highly productive people.

Here's What All Those People Have Gotten Out of What We've Taught Them - and What You Can Too

With our help, our clients and readers have learned how to:

  • Feel good about their day from the start.
  • Have more energy in the morning.
  • Banish anxiety and feeling rushed while getting ready for work.
  • Put mornings on autopilot.
  • Wake up feeling calm.
  • Have more time in the morning.
  • Go from "I woke up tired" to "I have lots of energy" in under an hour.
  • Feel inspired and motivated to get out of bed.

No More Frustrating Mornings That Keep You from Being Productive

Here's what you get instant access to when you buy the Morning Ritual Starter Kit:

  • One 45-minute video of the three of us explaining our morning rituals.
  • An audio version of the video so you can listen to it anywhere you go.
  • One fill-in-the-blank checklist for your very own morning ritual.
  • A checklist for each of our three morning rituals.
  • The six components of the exact morning ritual used by successful, productive people (we didn't come up with them - we analyzed what a wide variety of successful people do before breakfast).
  • How to apply and maintain morning rituals.
  • Common sticking points that stop people from implementing or continuing with their morning rituals - and a specific solution for each one.
  • The one thing you HAVE to do first thing in the morning for your morning ritual to work.
  • Why a morning ritual makes bad days much less common.
  • Action steps, so you know exactly what to do to implement your morning ritual.
  • The one mistake 99% of people make that prevents them from making their morning ritual consistent - and how to avoid this common pitfall.
  • The three techniques that will prevent you from feeling rushed and overwhelmed in the morning before you go to work.

The Real Evidence This Works

"The biggest help for me from AE has been the concept of morning rituals. I implemented one very similar to yours, and my mornings have gone from the least productive to the most productive part of my day. Many thanks to you and AE. Cheers!"

Alyssa V, USA

"This is great! I get up at 4am on work days and 5 am on the off days (a mere 2 months ago I was waking up around noon). I try to make my morning routine as quick as possible so to be out the door fast. I literally get up, feed the dog and get my post-workout shake ready and leave for the gym. I didn’t used to be a morning person but habits form and you get used to it."

Nick H, USA

"This is a bit of an aha moment for me, I never looked at planning and goal setting/reviewing as a ritual, more of a chore. Powerful stuff. I’m definitely gonna check out the audio."

Matt L, USA

"I have been searching such a framework with details to learn what is essential for being a productive person EVERY DAY. I drew some outlines and made some plans every week but I felt there was something missing and couldn’t figure it out until now. A big THANKS to you all."

Filiz D, Brazil

Commonly Asked Questions

What's Different About the Morning Ritual Starter Kit?

Let's be honest: there are a lot of websites where you can read about people's productivity routines. Some books and sites even have specific morning routines. But what they don't have (and what would take you a lot of reading and thinking to figure out, as it did for us) is:

  1. A distillation of what every successful person's morning ritual has, and
  2. The morning rituals of three world-class productivity experts.

Here's what happens when you go down the read-stuff-on-the-Internet rabbit hole. You read about bulletproof coffee, taking a walk, keeping a journal on your computer, keeping a journal by hand, eating a low-carb breakfast, not eating breakfast, drinking a smoothie for breakfast, doing jumping jacks, not doing jumping jacks and... you get the idea. Past a certain point, all this information has diminishing returns. You're reading instead of doing.

The point is, all these people whose routines you read about have found what works for them. What they don't do is break a morning ritual down into the absolute must-haves - the things successful, productive people do every morning.

So we're giving you a checklist that has that information, along with three checklists for our specific morning rituals. Take the thinking out of your mornings (and save it for the rest of your productive day) by using the proven 6-step morning ritual that highly successful entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities use.

What if I'm Not a Morning Person?

Using our step-by-step morning ritual is effective at making mornings a start to a productive day for everyone, including people who hate mornings. Having a ritual takes the stress out of mornings and allows you to focus on what matters - the steps you need to follow to turn a bad morning around. Imagine it this way: a ritual isn't going to make you a morning person. But let's say it usually takes you two hours to start feeling good about the day ahead. With a morning ritual of under an hour, you can halve that time.

Will This Work for Me?

What makes this system so effective is how flexible it is. Yes, there are 6 key components that all good morning rituals have, but it's easy to adapt these to your individual preferences and needs. For example, using the bathroom and washing up is one of the key 6 steps. Whether that means a shower because you've made heavy exercise part of your morning ritual, splashing your face with cold water to wake up, or just brushing your teeth and doing the rest later in the day - it's up to you.

I'm a Spontaneous Person. Won't Doing the Same Thing Every Day Be Boring?

Surprisingly, no. Almost all artists, writers, and other creatives have morning rituals. It's BECAUSE their first hour or so is on autopilot, that they're able to start their days being creative - instead of worrying about what to wear or do when they get out of bed. When they're able to focus, feel good about the upcoming day, and know what they need to get done, their minds are free to be as creative and spontaneous as they want.

You Have a Lot of Information on Your Blog. Can't I Just Go Read It There?

Bits and pieces of the Morning Ritual Starter Kit are available on our blog, but not nearly all of it, and not all in one place. We've never laid out this exact ritual, step by step, or our personal morning rituals that follow this system.

Is This Just Some Quick-Fix Thing?

While you can learn this system in an under an hour and implement it tomorrow, it's not a quick fix. That's because even after you've got it down and started feeling its benefits, you have to keep doing it. All the successful people we've researched do. But trust us, when you start feeling as productive as we have because of our morning rituals, you won't want to stop and lose the benefits. We just want to warn you upfront that you have to do it every day for it to work (we all miss a day here and there, but consistency is key).

Invest in Productive Mornings Now, Because This Deal Won't Last

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We're going to keep this package at the low price it is now for as long as we can, but this offer won't be sustainable forever. So act now to get the best deal possible.

If You're Not 100% Happy with the Morning Ritual Starter Kit, We'll Make It Good - Your Money Back with No Questions and No Hassles, Guaranteed.

We think this is a great product, and our clients have loved the results they've gotten by implementing our morning ritual. But we won't stand for your dissatisfaction. That's why we offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee. Two months to decide whether you like it. If you don't - for any reason at all (which you don't even have to tell us) - you get your money back. It's that simple.

Actionable Information You Can Use to Start Being More Productive Tomorrow Morning, for the Price of a Meal

Imagine you see on Twitter that I'm visiting your area for a day. You contact me and offer to take me out for dinner and tell me about the sites I should make sure to see while I'm in town. Much of our dinner conversation is about productivity, and the subject turns to morning rituals. You're surprised when I tell you what I've learned while studying other people's morning rituals - what makes a good one, what the essential components are. But you're happy, because you're going to go home and implement this morning ritual the next day. You're excited to see how productive it makes you.

That would be a good deal, right? You paid for my dinner, and you got valuable information you took action on the next day.

That's pretty much what I'm offering here. Except you're getting the morning rituals of three people, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Not bad for less than the price of dinner for two.

So why are we offering it so cheaply? Simply because we want people to have the information. We charge $1,000 an hour for consulting. Our clients get a lot for that money, but we realize that level of investment isn't for everyone. Rituals are a key component of what we teach many of our clients, and a morning ritual is the first step to incorporating rituals throughout your day. We still want to get this information out there to as many people as possible, so we thought a long time about the best way to do this.

The fact is, most people don't follow free advice. Sure, there are a few who do, and we meet many of them through our blog. But most don't, and so we're making this Starter Kit ultra-affordable while keeping the investment just high enough to weed out people who aren't really serious about becoming productive with morning rituals. We don't want anyone to buy this, do nothing, and think in a month, a year, or five years from now, "That was good advice. I wonder what my life would be like if I'd taken it." Or to have completely forgotten about it, one among many great ideas they made an investment in, only to have it go nowhere.

This morning ritual works, but we only want people who are ready to make the real investment - of their time.

A morning ritual doesn't have to take more than an hour (and that might even be less time than you're spending on your mornings right now), but that's an hour every day. An hour that will make you more productive, yes, but an hour nonetheless. Are you ready for that?

"This is a bit of an aha moment for me, I never looked at planning and goal setting/reviewing as a ritual, more of a chore. Powerful stuff. I’m definitely gonna check out the audio."

Matt L, USA

Will you get as much out of our expertise on morning rituals? We think so, but there's only one way to know for sure. And if you don't love the information, simply request a refund within 60 days and you'll get it right away - no hassles, no questions.

That's about as low-risk an investment as you can make.

If you're not ready to pay less than the price of dinner for information that will instantly make you more productive, are you really ready for this?

Think about it, because we don't want you to waste your money.

But Remember, Success Comes from Making the Small, Right Choices Every Single Day.

So what will it be? Will you make the choice to become more productive? How much do you want this?

-Thanh & the Asian Efficiency Team

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