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Productivity is a complicated subject.

Let's face it - productivity is a complicated subject.

It lures us all in with promises of being able to do what we need to, when we need to do it. Of streamlining our email so that it doesn't stress us out. Of promising magical and technological systems that let us keep track of everything. And of course, of making us less "busy" than we actually are.

This is all nice in theory. And it looks great on the back of a book cover, but... what usually happens, is that our first dive into productivity, results in a deep, and never-ending rabbit hole of tips, tracks, hacks and assorted strategies that never get used.

You may be familiar with term "productivity pr0n". This is because like, well, pr0n, it's addictive to read and learn about all the things that we could do - if we ever got around to actually doing them.

Here at Asian Efficiency, we have a confession to make. You see, we run one of the larger productivity blogs online today, which is part of the problem. Productivity is a HUGE topic - one that you can literally spend a lifetime studying... and never truly master.

Which leads into our second confession - those of us in the "industry", know that the people who are truly productive... actually use a surprisingly small number of "hacks" and "tricks" to be productive. We're not talking 80/20 here. We're talking 80/20 of the 80/20. Where 4% of your actions delivers over 96% of your results.

And after being part of the "productivity pr0n" problem for some time, we decided to do something about it. We don't want you to be part of that group of people who gets lost in the shuffle.

We want you to be in the select group of people who knows exactly the right things to do and what to leverage, and to really just get things done.

You just want simple and actionable steps to get ahead in your life, career and business.

The Ugly Truth You Need to Know

The ugly truth you need to know.

Everyone on the Asian Efficiency team has been where you are now. We read the books. We did the programs. We tried the systems. We "got" all the great ideas.

But we had no idea how to put them together. No idea where to start with it all. And we had no idea what was important, and what wasn't.

You see, one expert would say one thing. Then another would say something else - that contradicted the first.

Should I put this on my calendar or on my todo list? Should I use GTD or the 7 Habits? Should I have my email client open all the time, or once a day?

It was really hard to tell if one piece of advice was more important than the other - or not.

And when we started Asian Efficiency, we realized that we weren't the only people out there who had come across these contradictions. After answering thousands of emails to readers across the world, we decided to put something together to tackle this epidemic.

We call it the Asian Efficiency Primer.

Your Cheat Code to a More Productive "You"

The AE Primer is a quick and easy guide to time management and productivity.

From our experience in helping thousands of people all over the world with productivity hacks, tips, and techniques - we decided to put the best and most effective strategies into one package.

We've done the research, and studied the best - David Allen, Stephen Covey, Benjamin Franklin, executives from Fortune 500 companies, and people in the top 1% of their fields. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, we used systems thinking and process improvement methodologies to reverse-engineer what they did, and the patterns and key pieces that made them productive.

And then we put it all together into one, simple package, that you can use right away. You can go out there and read thousands of pages on productivity, and watch hundreds of hours of video. Or you, can skip straight to the 4% that truly counts - which is exactly what's in the Asian Efficiency Primer.

Yes, it clocks in at a bit over 200 pages. But it's been designed to be immediately actionable - this is not a guide you have to read and then think about. We give action steps that you can take and do right away - and see results from right away.

If you need a kickstart on the path to actually being productive, and mastering not only your time, but your success and your path in life... this is it.

We know it's a tall order to say so, but this simple guide WILL change your life.

Why You Need the Asian Efficiency Primer

Why You Need the Asian Efficiency Primer.

The reason you're reading this page right now, is because you feel that there's something missing from your life.

Maybe you've read a lot of books on productivity and tried a few things out, but found it hard to get things going.

Or maybe you just want less stress and more peace of mind - because you know that getting this sorted will put you on the path to mastery for whatever you want out of life.

Or maybe you simply don't want to take any chances with this part of your life - you want the best of the best, spoon-fed to you (and there's nothing wrong with that!).

Ultimately you want:

  • An increased sense of getting things done efficiently.
  • A sense that your life is in order, and getting better and better - every morning, day and night.
  • To shift your identity to a person who is organized and productive, instead of being hopeless about it.
  • The pride that comes from being one of the few who gets and understands how their time works.

Simply put, you are someone who wants to go from where you are now, to being productive, as quickly as possible.

And we want to help you with that.

Here's What You'll Find Inside the Primer


You'll learn how to use your calendar together with your smart phone and tablet as if a personal assistant organized your schedule for you.


Get the exact email workflow Fortune 500 executives use every day to process hundreds of emails without any stress or friction.


Learn the 1 productivity hack that eliminated 99% of our clients' procrastination problems (it's really easy but counter-intuitive).


Learn the 3 rituals every highly productive person has that you can implement in under 5 minutes.


We will give you the step-by-step workflow for organizing your documents on your computer that's so simple yet effective that even our grandmas use it to organize their files.


Easily save 1 hour a day with any of the 50+ tried-and-tested productivity hacks.

Asian Efficiency Primer 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Ridiculous and Efficient Guarantee

We are so confident that you'll skyrocket your productivity after getting the AE Primer, that we will back it up with a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

When you open the Primer and apply ANY of the action steps, you'll see immediate results. Whether that's finally being on top of things, being twice as efficient or you're simply getting more done in less time - we are certain the AE Primer will do that for you.

The worst case scenario is you'll save AT LEAST 1 hour a day of your time.

So get the Primer and try it out - for up to 60 days. AND THEN decide if it was worth your time and money.

So don't say "yes" - just say "maybe".

And if you don't think it was worth it... just let us know and we'll instantly refund your money. No questions asked.

Bonus Content

To sweeten the deal for you and make you even more efficient, when you get the AE Primer today you'll also get these two bonuses.

1. Productivity Case Studies (a $49 value)

Productivity case studies

You'll also get access to case studies of how our clients have used the exact same techniques that you will learn inside the Asian Efficiency Primer to become more productive.

You'll learn about how productivity works for:

  • Busy Business People
  • Solo Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Creatives
  • College Students

2. Common Productivity Myths Debunked Audio (a $29 value)

Common Productivity Myths

In this audio, two world leading experts on productivity talk about the most common myths about productivity that you often read about in business and entrepreneurship literature - and what the actual truths are.

You'll find out:

  • Which productivity system is really the best.
  • Why most people aren't productive (and what they can do about it).
  • How watching TV can actually make you MORE productive.
  • And much, much, more.

Is This Going to Cost Me an Arm and Leg???

Coffee Cost

I know what you're thinking - this sounds great, but how much is this going to cost me?

Well here's the thing. We usually price things at a premium at Asian Efficiency.

But with the AE Primer, because it is, well, an introductory guide on productivity - we wanted everyone around the world, from New York to Mumbai to Tokyo, to have access to it.

So here it is - the Asian Efficiency Primer goes for $27 $9.99.

That's less than 3 cups of coffee at Starbucks.

And if you don't get more out of reading and applying the Primer than you do out of 3 cups of caffeine... let us know and we'll instantly refund you.

We've Helped Thousands Of People And You're Next

Over the years thousands of people have benefited from our productivity hacks and techniques.

We know that you'll be the next person to benefit from this.

Don't let us convince you of that. Read what other Asian Efficiency Primer owners have said:

"I have already accomplished more in the time since I've started reading the Primer than I have in the previous six months!"

Karl M, USA

"Absolutely excellent. While I have read many productivity books/blogs... including David Allen...I felt yours helped me apply actions more effectively."

David W, USA

"I like to think I am already quite productive. Your guide offers a lot of great tips and strategies to take it to the next level. I have started to apply a number of them, among others implementing and writing down my daily routine. Good focus in the guide on WHY stuff works as well. Keep it up!"

Rob B, Netherlands

"It has done wonders for my productivity. The steps are so simple, but like most people I never created an action plan. Taking on a little more each week, but so far the results have been amazing. Thanks for a wonderful, well packaged product."

Will S, USA

"It helped me much more than expected. I have ADHD and anxiety and this has helped me to get my day more prepared. And the biggest success is that I was able to take the train to my therapist all by myself. So I am very thankful for your product."

Mette R, Denmark

"My! I am so glad I bought this product. As a wife, mother, musician, health professional and immigrant, mastering time has been the challenge of my life. Thanks to Asian Efficiency, I can now add entrepreneurship and blogging to my activities. Thanks so much for your work!"

Yvonne W, USA

"It's totally worth purchasing. I'm much more productive now than before and I clearly know what I'd like to achieve every day."

Wen W, China

"Some of the best concise advice I've taken on board and applied. Such simple concepts to adapt to everyday working and home life that are very easy to stick to."

Michelle P, Australia

Commonly Asked Questions

Need some more reasons why you need to get the Primer today? Here's 3.


You're getting the best, of the best of Asian Efficiency. Which is the best of the best of all productivity materials out there - because we've dedicated our LIVES to learning, refining and applying productivity in the real world.


It's all immediately actionable. You read the (very) light theory, read the action steps, and then do them. And keep doing them. And they become habits - and you become productive.


It costs less than 3 cups of coffee at Starbucks. Look, this is going to make you productive for your ENTIRE LIFE. It's something that you can consume once, and it lasts FOREVER. And it costs less than 3 cups of caffeine. And if your time and energy for the REST OF YOUR LIFE isn't worth that to you... then you should probably stop looking into productivity pr0n right now.

Is this content available for free online somewhere?

Everything is available for free somewhere online... or in your public library... or by talking to the right people.

But that discovery process usually takes TIME, which usually equals money, and other resources.

It took us years to distill what we know into the Primer - and you don't have to go through the same time-consuming process.

Is this good if I have problems implementing stuff?

Yes, this guide is designed to be light on theory and heavy on implementable action steps.

What exactly am I getting?

We call it the Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheet, but it's really more of a guide.

You're getting over 200 pages of the most concise, actionable, and result-oriented productivity material available on the planet. On top that - you will get our two complimentary bonuses as well.

It's available in PDF, ePub (iBooks) and MOBI (Kindle) formats.

We hope that you'll take the first step towards a more productive life right now, and get your copy of the Asian Efficiency Primer.

The Asian Efficiency Team

To a more productive you,

Aaron LynnThanh Pham

Aaron, Thanh and the Asian Efficiency Team

P.S. Remember, the Primer comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. That's 2 MONTHS to try it out. And if it just doesn't do it for you, we'll refund you your money back. So you have nothing to lose - try it out today.

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