What Others Are Saying About the Asian Efficiency Primer.

Chris W, USA

It has been very helpful to help solidify my processes for staying on top of everything. It has definitely become my gateway drug to productivity!

Wen W, China

It's totally worth purchasing. I'm much more productive now than before and I clearly know what i'd like to achieve every day.

Yvonne W, USA

My! I am so glad I bought this product. As a wife, mother, musician, health professional and immigrant, mastering time has been the challenge of my life. Thanks to Asian Efficiency, I can now add entrepreneurship and blogging to my activities..."

Funny enough, Asian Efficiency started as a joke about Asian stereotypes... I signed up for AE because of immigrant time - that syndrome that makes immigrants late for everything!

Thanks so much for your work!


Very practical advice.

Juha K, Finland

Seems to be good and useful to me.

Art W, USA

Grateful for your help and I love your story, about how AE got started. I've followed you on Twitter for some time now. Really enjoying the Primer. I've already referred your site to 3 others this morning.

Charlie E, UK

Some quick tips to help fight against the sinking due to increasing demands.

Daniel N, Germany

It opened my eyes for problems I deemed unsolvable or simply as fate, yet starting with the man in the mirror the first steps have been taken, and I'm really glad about it.

Coming from a non-English speaking country, I'm glad about the precise and crisp language used. So far, I did not regret the purchase. To the contrary!

Oliver S, UK

Have not completed all the sections but I have found a number of useful strategies already useful such as clearing to neutral and some were things I was already doing such as inbox zero for mail.

Karl M, USA

Have already accomplished more in the time since I've started reading the Primer than I have in the previous six months!

Bernice L, Canada

Very useful articles to read and reference. Still going back to look at things again after trying an implementation.

Will S, USA

It has done wonders for my productivity. The steps are so simple, but like most people I never created an action plan. Taking on a little more each week, but so far the results have been amazing - the morning ritual section and clear to neutral have really increased my productivity. Thanks for a wonderful, well packaged product.

David W, USA

Absolutely excellent. While I have read many productivity books/blogs... including David Allen... I felt yours helped me apply actions more effectively.

And by the way, the relationships section was great... at first I thought it was amusing to have something like this in a productivity document, but in actuality I felt it was one of the most important chapters. Certainly helped me!

David A, USA

It was obviously well thought through and easy to apply. Works well in real life.

Jennifer B, USA

So far, I am still in the early stages but it is going ok. I am a high school teacher, and I find it very difficult to manage my productivity given the nature of my job. Every year I attempt to work on my organization and productivity so that I can have more of a life outside the classroom.

Daniel F, USA

It's simple and straightforward. I knew that I could get the material from your website but chose to buy for the ease of access. I think it was worth it.

Tim B, UK

Valuable, practical examples. A few chapters were a bit "rough round the edges" but still good.

Mathias R, Germany

I found the knowledge base very concise and each topic that I yet read to the point and very helpful.

Erik H, Thailand

AE Primer is outstanding product and contains really awesome content. I applied most of the advices already and working on them to become "routine". Keep up the great work!

Rob W, Netherlands

Very helpful! This is really going to help me.

Rob B, Netherlands

I like to think I am already quite productive. Your guide offers a lot of great tips and strategies to take it to the next level. I have started to apply a number of them, among others implementing and writing down my daily routine.

Good focus in the guide on WHY stuff works as well.

Keep it up!

Marian Y, USA

It is good resource. I like that it is a synthesis of multiple resources. I am using it incrementally to focus on mastering a piece at a time. Working on morning routine now.

Franck V, Switzerland

One word: Good.

Michelle P, Australia

Some of the best concise advice I've taken on board and applied. Such simple concepts to adapt to everyday working and home life that are very easy to stick to.

Ricky H, UK

So far it has worked miracles, way to go guys.

Zen C, Australia

The book is packed with great ideas. I love the concepts of "clearing to neutral" and "eating the frog". Having the action steps at the end of chapters is fantastic, and the many different formats of the product available in the purchase is great too.

Love the readme file as well, a lot of online products just have a whole bunch of files and folders in a zip package without clear descriptions on what they are.

Paul S, UK

Started to work through this. A quick read gave me a couple of quick wins right away!

Graeme W, UK

I already knew much of what was contained in the document. But it's always good to get an affirmation that I'm on the right tracks.

Richard B, USA

Excellent content.

Greg W, UK

It has some very helpful and practical suggestions, some of which are helping me to improve my personal effectiveness.

Mette R, Denmark

It helped me much more than expected. I have ADHD and anxiety and this have helped me to get my day more prepared. Like "clean the kitchen table", you call it "clear to neutral". And the must successfully is that I was able to take the train to my therapist all by my self. So I am very thankful for your product.

Lefan L, UK

It's truly inductive and act its function. I got to apply these rules and if I need more advanced contents I know where can I get it! I didn't know where to start when I was firstly let to AE and AE primer really did a good job for a beginner like me!

Mark B, Australia

Lots of great practical information distilled into an implementable guide.

FT Mendoza, USA

What a great summary of so much useful information! I need more time to assess all the amazing content you guys are sending me, but I at least wanted to reply to your request for feedback because you've done such a great job and it deserves to be recognized. Thank you for what you are doing. I look forward to learning more from the AE Primer as well as your posts. You guys rock. Until next time, cheers!

Julien M, Mauritius

This book is a must have tool for anyone who wants to get better at time management and GTD. Thanks guys!

Anthony C, Australia

Seemingly simple, easily implemented management strategies for email and to-do lists has already changed the way I work and reduced the time wasted on more complex systems.

Andres R, Australia

Together with several other changes in my life, I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of life. It's certainly been a catalyst and something that I keep referring back to now. A great product.

Kinga N, Poland

It is so useful and well written, easy to understand including great examples and tips. It will definitely improve my life.

Deanne D, USA

Applying only a few of the suggestions has made a dramatic impact on how productive I feel. I can't wait to implement more of the suggestions!

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