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James M, Australia

Very good. Detailed, well written and set out. Couldn't fault it. Setup of perspectives and workflow was great. Good job all round!

Emma P, Sweden

It is making a huge difference in my workflow and trust of the system. Before I have read a lot of your posts and implemented a lot. But it always seemed to be cracks in there and made me not trust it fully or use it fully. Now it is different with this product. Thanks for a great product!

Steffen G, Germany

It brought me back to using OmniFocus the right way. Especially the different perspectives and how to use them in the daily workflow helped a lot.

Rick D, Netherlands

I am not a newbie, but I placed a bookmark on every page in iBooks where I wanted to go back, but couldn't stop bookmarking... so many tips!

Jim D, USA

I was skeptical at first. I had purchased another product and found it to be a dense document to work through, and it did not yield much benefit. So far, your posts have provided a pragmatic framework and I'm already seeing benefits after just a week.

Ellen S, USA

This product is great! It has really helped me use OmniFocus. This was easy to use to help set up my system.

Kathy N, USA

I am 100 pages into the posts and even though I've been using OmniFocus for about six months, and using it well (I thought) your product is maximizing my use. Very helpful and very intuitively written.

Kurt von M, Switzerland

"I'm still in the process of applying it, but so far I can already say this is an outstanding product. I WISH I had these posts when I first purchased OmniFocus.

Robin K, UK

Excellent product. Put together with plenty of thought and finesse. I particularly value the use of 'hard' rules and settings - a whole system- for OmniFocus, where other experts just add layer upon layer of possibilities for tweaking your system. Every tutorial shows that you have really soak-tested the setup you recommend and that it is based on real world experience.

Marisa W, UK

Having been a user of OmniFocus for over 2 years, I thought I had found my optimum workflow. OmniFocus Premium Posts gave me the tools and the chance to review the way I do things and find a better way. It's easy to get bogged down in habits that were formed when you first started using OmniFocus, especially if you came from another product. Hearing a different, fresh opinion was very valuable. I've streamlined my system a great deal and am still working on it. In view of the amount of time it will save me, this has been a good investment. I wish this product had been available when I was just setting up with OF.

Scott K, USA

I've used GTD and OmniFocus for a couple of years. I found that I actually 'restarted' my system with the Premium Posts and am feeling a new "spring" in my productivity step! Thank you.

Donovan W, USA

For the first time in years, I was finally able to create, apply,and understand how to put contexts and perspectives to good use. Thanks so much for providing me with a solid foundation to make OmniFocus work for me.

Larry M, USA

I really like this product. I am very familiar with GTD and OmniFocus, and have been using both for over a year. What the Premium Post have brought to me is a more refined approach to my workflow which in turn helped me to recognize how to take my getting things done to a higher and more efficient and productive level.

Katherine B, USA

I think it is totally worth the money. You are talented writers and you've done a great job of making a complicated software accessible. You've given me the freedom to make OmniFocus really work for me and I'm already noticing improvements in my productivity after a week. Thanks for a great product. I will continue recommending you to friends and colleagues.

Reid M, South Korea

I wish I had it when I first bought OmniFocus when it was rolled out many years ago. I have used and stopped using Omni Focus many times, and I have to say that your clear instruction has made it where OmniFocus is going to be part of my life forever.


The OmniFocus Premium Post collection is amazing! I've been an OmniFocus and GTD fan from the moment that OF was released. Unfortunately I had let bad habits creep in and at the time I found out about your product, I was getting overwhelmed. Reading through all of the posts not only motivated me to get back to a "mind like water" state but it also gave me a new way of organizing my OF database that really works for me and my workflow. Kudos for creating such a great resource and for getting me back on track!

Andrew K, USA

I'm going through it page by page with OmniFocus open simultaneously. Love the detail, you guys did a great job with it. I'm trying to be more mindful of my schedule and to-do list and this is going to make it virtually painless. Thanks guys, I'm a big fan of your work. Worth every penny!

Michael G, USA

I am a long time user of GTD...emphasis on 'user.' I set it up 10 years ago or so (after a seminar with David Allen), and I've maintained it since. I was a beta tester of OmniFocus when it first came out, too. It was (and is) exactly what the doctor ordered. That being said, I typically don't study or participate in what seems to be a never-ending fascination with GTD for GTD's sake...I wonder how some of these folks get any work done. So it was just a fluke that I ran across a reference to your work. Am I glad I did! I didn't really realize how much my workflow and system needed refreshing. Your work is fresh, efficient, and insightful. I'm using your posts to scrape the barnacles off a 10 plus year old system. Thanks.

John B, UK

I've not had a great deal of time with this product but it's a really well structured and highly useful package. It's genuinely insightful and it digs into the nuts and bolts of building a productive workflow really well. I've found it very useful so far.

Scott G, USA

I think you guys have a fantastic product! I'm still reading through the book and implementing my workflow and am really excited to apply your methods to OmniFocus.

Byron W, USA

I'm still in the process, but what I've learned thus far is phenomenal. I've been using OmniFocus for a few years, but never really tapped into the power of the application. The workflow has been working well for the past few days. So far, so good...definitely has enhanced my productivity. Setting routines, email management, the extras are also very useful and can be well integrated into the workflow...You Asians rock! A+

Ken B, USA

Still in the process but it's proving to be hugely valuable. The fact I don't have to make to false starts that doing it on my own would require will save me lots of time and allow me to do the work, not just struggle to organize it. Really nice, guys! Thanks!

Andrew B, UK

Amazingly detailed. Took me from the point of being overwhelmed by OmniFocus to the point of using it to help me. Really glad I took the plunge and bought it. The bonus emails I received after purchasing were good as well.

David W, USA

There is so much great information. I want to understand things as I go. The AE team has done a superb job of enabling me to get the most out of OmniFocus, and by extension, my time.

Maya M, Spain

Found this just at the right time for me after recommitting to OmniFocus and getting back on the wagon, it was really helpful. I have found all your material really excellent, well written and thoughtful. No fluff just good stuff.

Boby F, USA

I have applied a lot which speaks well for your tips and recommendations. The PDF document is clearly written and well illustrated. I still have links to posts I want to go back and explore. I was hesitant to spend the $67 but am happy with my purchase and the value.

Travis C, USA

I'm halfway though reading all the posts and have started setting up my OmniFocus as recommended. So far, I love it. I love how it gives a lot of step-by-step handholding for both basics and advanced techniques alike. I wish I had this a few years ago when I first started using OmniFocus. Thank you!

Andrew B, USA

This is a fantastic tool. I've been using OmniFocus for years, but I learned a lot, and very quickly, about how to improve my use of it. I am particularly pleased by the incremental, step-by-step way of teaching the tool.

Willie M, USA

It has been extremely helpful, since I've been using OmniFocus for the better part of a year and haven't had a very good grasp on how to REALLY use it. So, thank you for the great product!

Robert S, USA

I have a better understanding of the many options available in OmniFocus for all devices. I find that now I am a better, more efficient user of the product. I especially appreciate the discussions about contexts. Your deep understanding of the software is very apparent in the descriptions.

Alex G, USA

I thought it was incredibly helpful and really sheds a lot of light on excellent features I would have otherwise shamefully neglected. I love the addition of real life workflows and the addition of some other techniques on actually deciding what's worthy of your time and strategies to effectively select tasks to work on. Asian Efficiency is a win!

Justin W, USA

I'm only halfway through the material but it has really helped me put some of the final pieces of my OmniFocus setup in-place. My OS X version of OmniFocus was gathering dust in favor of the iPad, but I'm now using OmniFocus for OS X daily, and it's much more efficient for heavy duty capture/processing. I'd spent a lot of time previously, learning OmniFocus and GTD but the Premium Posts are allowing me to take it the final step beyond theory craft and into real-world usage.

Brian H, USA

I have begun reviewing, assimilating, and applying it, unfortunately in limited stages because of my current schedule. I like it for its : (1) straight-forward writing style, (2) use of examples and images, (3) positive approach to the material, (4) step-by-step descriptions of the what/where/why/how actions needed to be taken.

James D, USA

Excellent product. Got me understanding and using OmniFocus after years of giving up.

Dennis S, USA

The posts made it real simple to setup OmniFocus. I have followed the instructions to the tee. Applying the workflow now is much easier and it certainly has boosted my efficiency and productivity.

Jason F, USA

Been using OmniFocus since early 2009 and I feel like this is the first time I have been able to use it effectively with a system rather than a scattershot approach.

Jerry M, USA

This is my second time around using OmniFocus (I work in a Windows environment at work and got deterred into trying to use some other software) and I'm sure that my failings with OmniFocus were trying to get the workflow right.  The examples you gave were extremely helpful in seeing what I got right (and wrong) the first time around. Thanks again for aiding in keeping my sanity.

Gerald M, USA

Very informative. It helped with setting up my OmniFocus in a timely and functional method. It helps greatly to learn from other peoples trials and successes and the fact that practical examples were given was extremely helpful.

Carl G, USA

It completely changed my workflow and I literally get twice as many things done. I'm a strength and conditioning coach so I'm half knowledge worker and half hands on coaching athletes. It helped me figure how to split my tasks up between my desk work (writing workouts on excel, charting progress, networking with other coaches etc. ) and my hands-on time (working with our athletes here). You guys should be proud for having put together such an amazing and easy to understand product. I used omnifocus for about 6 months prior but was trying to figure out how to use it optimally. Your premium posts clarified that for me.

Wide F, Sweden

It was extremely useful to get started with Omnifocus. I saved a lot of time and am using OF in an efficient way now! Thank you!

David D, USA

I can now really take advantage of the power the software delivers. It is amazing the clarity the premium posts have provided. Further, it validated the importance of starting out right and building from a solid foundation. I have just scraped the tip of the iceberg and cannot wait to continue to the journey of relinquishing the burden. It is totally awesome, the way you guys have broken it down into manageable chunks for me. The overwhelming feeling has long since left the building.

Trent F, USA

I have messed around with omnifocus for several years never really getting a handle on really making it work for me. These posts really put everything together for me. I now use omnifocus with efficiency and it is really working for me now. Thank you for the posts.

Bernadette Phillips, USA

I consider myself an advanced user of Microsoft Excel. I use it all day long and have done for a quarter of a century. I teach it (for free) to various groups of co-workers every other year or so. One thing that drives me crazy is when I see people using it as a place to put numbers in pretty little boxes, with no formulas in sight. I have seen people use a calculator to total up a column of numbers and type the answer in Excel.

Why am I telling you this?

To illustrate how I was using OmniFocus before I read your Premium Posts!!! I've been using OmniFocus on my iPad for a couple of years but never ever knew its power! I used due dates to schedule my work, I even scheduled appointments with tasks. wow..... I need a day to blow it all up and start over again! Thank you AE team!

Andy Price, UK

Absolutely brilliant! Keep going back over the material to learn more.

Dustin M, Singapore

I wanted to write you an email to thank you guys for taking the time to help me set up my OmniFocus system. It was a long process for me, but i think what clicked was when in the interview, I don't know who said it but it changed my whole work flow. He said, if you open your OmniFocus and you don't know where to start or whats next, you don't have a really efficient system set up. The first time around reading the posts, i didn't set up perspectives because it was really foreign to me. But on the other side of it, it really made a big difference. So thanks for taking time for customer support and help.

Steven Brown, USA

Even though I had used Omni Focus for years, I never used it more than a month at a time. Finally, I have a way to use it where I can trust it. It was almost as though your product was written just for me. Worth every penny.

Jan Hoger, Germany

It is a well written summary and guide for beginners and pros alike.

David Gleason, USA

I am only at the beginning stage, having just finished reading the Set Up post. That said, the guidance was enormously helpful. It answered some questions I had about why certain things did not appear, why certain processes weren't acting the way I expected, and, most importantly, I cleared up the mess I had begun to create by just diving into the program. OF is already more useful to me, less confusing, and more inviting. I can't wait to get into the posts on how to use OF better! Worth every cent!

Rick Blue, USA

I love your posts, and the practical way you've tweaked your workflow to OmniFocus. They worked for me right out of the gate, and gave me some great traction for how I could make OmniFocus work for me in a deeper and useful way. Your site and these posts are immensely helpful and well worth the cost. Keep up the good work.

Roberto L, USA

I had read a lot about OmniFocus in your website and had applied some of it. The OF Premium Posts helped gain additional insight, and I am truly loving my new workflow. I am currently in a position in which I manage a group of 80 medical residents and have to plan several projects at the same time. I wish I had applied your workflow earlier, as I now feel that I know exactly what is going on with each one of the projects and have identified bottlenecks earlier than before. Great work!

Michael Garcia

At first, I was concerned with the price of the product. I was really hoping that the product would be worth the money. After reading Part 1 and implementing the recommended setups, I have never been more productive! I really appreciate the amount of detail you guys included in these posts. The descriptions are very clear and providing screenshots make it very convenient for someone like me to implement immediately.

Tze-Wen, Netherlands

OmniFocus Premium Posts has been everything I had hoped for and more. I've tried getting to grips with OF (on the iPhone) for a while now and ended up throwing up my hands in defeat every single time. The Premium Posts were such an eye opener: now I finally understand what contexts and perspectives are for and even more important, how to apply these to my life. Thanks a million, guys!

Kenneth C, USA

I am only about halfway through the Premium Posts but have found it extremely helpful so far. I made the mistake of buying the GTD document on OmniFocus and found that it added little to my understanding of best practices beyond what was already included in the OmniFocus manual.

Ivan D, France

I am a heavy user of OmniFocus. It has changed my life and I will not forget this lunch with my friend who talked about GTD method. I have really appreciated Asian Efficiency's OmniFocus Premium Posts. Most of OmniFocus guides on the web are too basic, these posts are great, I would even say Asian level!

The only question mark was the price. I know that you have worked hard for these posts but it was a question mark. I am completely satisfied. I realise that this material and these updates are also a mid-long term investments. So thanks to you guys, great work, honestly. Life is about progress and that is so great when you can feel/share this.

Juan C, Mexico

Very good product. It is focus to task management techniques focused in OmniFocus. It changed positively the way I use OmniFocus.

Roger W, USA

Very helpful. I am now using OmniFocus effectively after having owned it for years. They should really hire you to create their training program.

Jeb B, USA

Great information. I was already using OF and you posts helped me crossover to a much more efficient work flow through the use of perspectives.

Mark M, USA

I am very impressed by both the quality and the quantity (coverage of key topics). Worth every penny.

Tommy M, Canada

I really enjoyed how you apply the concepts and how you use OmniFocus at Asian Efficiency. I feel more in control of what I have to do. I also feel like I am not going to miss anything as long as I maintain my stuff.

Steven G, USA

You guys are awesome. Who would have ever thought your site would have such an impact on my life. I am a musician, and at any time am juggling five different jobs as composer, professor, singer, conductor, administrator.... it gets overwhelming at times. AE and the Premium Posts have helped me streamline everything. I find I am more productive, engaged about working, and also know when 'enough is enough' for one day.

I love all of your posts - and while in my head I sometimes say to myself - "easier said than done". I find with patience, practice and dedication, I can implement so much of what you talk about. I'm currently on the 5AM plan, for example, and I love it!

I could go on and on, but I just felt it worth while to share with you guys directly that your work and efforts have certainly helped make my life better--thanks for that, I am looking forward to all the much more.

Diane R, USA

Very helpful in both day-to-day life and business.

Kirk L, USA

I read GTD a few years ago and have been using many of the concepts since, but I never became very efficient at using OF in my workflow. Your OFPP inspired me to retool my workflow using OF, and for the past two weeks, I have been really impressed with how it is helping me focus on what I should be focusing on. Thanks!

Holger H, Germany

I recommend it to every OF beginner. But also advanced user will find useful tips and workflows.

Chris C, USA

Totally life changing. Seriously. My OmniFocus was a complete mess. Now it's fixed and I am flowing and feeling good. Thank you so much.

Gerard G, USA

It is really excellent. It provides you a clear base to start and later you learn to personalize OF.

Jon R, USA

This has substantially helped me put a flow to OmniFocus. Thanks for the help guys!

John G, Canada

In a couple of weeks I have gone from looking to abandon OmniFocus and the idea of time management as doable in an operational context to making progress. Your material is what has changed.

Daniel B, Germany

Love it. It's absolutely worth the money. You guys did a great job in explaining the OmniFocus setup. It gave me the best start I can imagine. Thank you!!

Brandon L, Canada

I was initially worried about the investment because of the higher price, but it was well-worth it. Great writing, and the bonus material was very much a surprise and it made me happy. You guys are great!

Joerg S, Germany

It really helped me to get the dust out of my OF database and make it useful again.

Wilson G, Brazil

Very useful. I'm very impressed with the simple language you use to explain OmniFocus. It is awesome!

Jacob W, USA

Asian Efficiency's OmniFocus Premium Posts has already been crucial to my personal organization system. Prior to purchasing the collection, I spent close to $50 and 3 months trying to get situated. After reading through the AE course I was made aware of at least 3 critical mistakes that were holding me back from the start. After investing on the applications I had hesitated to spend more, but I now consider this collection to be a necessary guide that I would recommend to anyone who is considering migrating to OmniFocus.

Andrew Y, Singapore

This is really a good instruction manual on how to use OF effectively! Without it, I would have probably just used OF the way I did with my previous task manager.

Michael N, USA

There were a lot of game changers for me in here about how I use OmniFocus.

Lia Z, USA

Practically magical. I wanted to buy this almost a year ago and the price put me off. In desperation to get my productivity up, and after reading several good comments from others, I decided to gamble. The book is full of ah-ha and duh, why on earth didn't I think of that? moments. In hind sight it is rather embarrassing I hadn't thought of more of it on my own, but during a week I needed to be productive, not spend a week fighting my system, it worked wonders.

Peter W, Germany

It's a big help to be guided through the essential steps in setting up OF. I especially appreciate the help with perspectives and have immediately set up some of my own. I already had a lot of tasks in my OF database and had difficulties getting them back in a helpful way. Your posts helped me a lot.

For me as a non-English speaking person your posts were easy enough to understand. I'm looking forward to read the rest of the posts.

Michael O, UK

Excellent, made things very clear and has changed the way I use it. I now place more emphasis on perspectives as before I didn't really understand them.

Joshua F, USA

Outstanding. I'm a long-time user of OmniFocus, but this really took me to a far more productive workflow. Thank you!

Daryl B, UK

Lots of good ideas, of which I have implemented most. Love the Execution perspective - why didn't I think of that?!?!? Have been ticking off 5-6 flagged items regularly (= productivity up!) Many thanks! Keep up the good work - glad I found you!

Jeremy M, USA

I am a sole trader without admin or office support working in the property sector. I have a number of clients and lots going on both with work and home. Managing all this stuff and becoming more efficient for me means I can keep clients happy, get lots done and have plenty of time for home, family life and doing the things I like doing including canoe and sea kayaking expeditions.I have long been a GTD convert starting with Stephen Covey, migrating to David Allen and amongst that process using various software packages and apps. I came across Asian Efficiency a few months ago when reviewing OmniFocus. As with any app getting the best out of it is rarely achieved by simply reading the manual. You need the experience and guidance of other users. The Premium Posts (and the Asian Efficiency) fills that gap, provides you with a clear understanding of the process and why it works. As a bonus it is nicely presented and clear to read and navigate throughout. Great work and thank you.

Ryan T, USA

UNBELIEVABLE. I never knew a tool as powerful as OmniFocus exists.. and I'm thankful everyday that I found your product WHEN I found OmniFocus. I can't imagine trying to implement it without it.

Jake O, USA

Could not have been more pleased with the comprehensiveness of the content. Detailed, clear, and immensely useful. Highly, highly recommended.

Tom M, USA

The process for setting up OF has been fantastic. I read the entire book before buying the software and then followed along as I set up the program.

Don H, USA

Very Good. It really helped me with my perspectives and I downloaded your OF theme. For the most part, all of your material is extremely useful, and helps people become more efficient. I'm a happy customer. I enjoy the product and found it most useful.

Greg S, USA

I am a relatively new OmniFocus user and was having a difficult time staying on task. I spent the last week reviewing the posts and altering my setup; it was like a breath of fresh air. I was using made up due dates to force myself to get things done (felt like I was running through mud). I now feel on top of things. I just completed my weekly review, then went through planning for tomorrow and have my flagged items to work on. I am looking forward to making this work. Thanks.

Delta T, USA

Invaluable information that helped me get back into using OmniFocus without being overwhelmed by it and the tasks at hand.

Dwight M, USA

I wouldn't have been able to use the software as effectively as I am today if it hadn't been for OmniFocus Premium Posts.

Staale E, Norway

I think it was really good, and it got me cleaning up my current OmniFocus mess. My system is now clean and has been so for the last couple of weeks.

Joe W, USA

It was really well explained and opened my eyes to what OmniFocus is capable of. I've been a follower of GTD for about 5 years but found it awkward to implement. OmniFocus and OmniFocus Premium Posts made it feel a lot more simple, and I am now finally using GTD effectively. Thanks.

Bas V, Netherlands

OmniFocus Premium Posts is a great resource that get you going the right way from the start. Big help!

Randall D, USA

I was extremely happy with it. For the first time I actually feel like I am really starting to fully trust my system. I really appreciate all of the help. You guys have been a lot of help along the way to getting my system to working for me. Without Premium Posts I would still be trying to get my stuff organized.

Mark B, USA

The Primer impressed on me the usefulness of getting the full suite of OF (iOS and OS X). I'm still implementing my system, but your Premium Posts have provided a clear path to follow. I look forward to growing my trusted system. After over a year of reading and studying GTD, I feel I finally have a way of implementing it.

Hein T, Netherlands

It is a practical guide to implement OmniFocus in a personal workflow management system. I did not copy the suggested project folders and contexts one to one, but the approach of the workflow, with the recognition of different categories of perspectives, the emphasis on reviewing, and flagging tasks for today is very useful.

In fact I am an OmniFocus user for several years now, and it took some time (with deviations to other programs) to arrive at a system that seems to work. I am always interested in how other people implement GTD/OmniFocus (a.o. contexts remain a topic). I read many blogs and e-books from other authors on the subject. I think your book gives the best introduction in using OmniFocus in a practical way.

Oriyomi A, USA

I have owned and used OmniFocus software for over 4 yrs. I have used it to marginal success up until I read your training course. I've always know the power of OmniFocus but it's like I've been driving a mustang but never going over 20 miles an hour. Your book has made it so I can use OmniFocus to its full potential. I can now complete tasks, measure my progress, and clear my head-space of all my anxiety related to my ambitions. Such simple interventions have improved how I perceive my productivity. Thank you.

William S, USA

I have to tell you that I was a little skeptical about making the investment in your product. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. There is a TON of useful information that I do not think I could have acquired in any other way. Thanks for accelerating the learning curve! The format is great and for the most part understandable for us newbies. Thanks again. Would like to be a power user and trying to be more efficient. Overall, very satisfied with purchase and will recommend you to others with a similar interest.

Greg Whittick

It was helpful in that it gave me some hacks: I had already got OF set up and was beginning to use it, but the book did give me some useful tips for being more productive with the software.

Hortencia York

Woohoo! Can't wait to see it all. I am so glad I bought OmniFocus Premium Posts when I did... it's been a tremendous help! I'm a stay-at-home mom (adult children) and wife whose work is primarily church-related and Asian Efficiency has been a Godsend-OmniFocus too.

Josh Rensch, USA

Gave me a better understanding of what I could do to make OmniFocus more effective. OmniFocus reminded me of an old HP calculator I used in engineering school, a billion buttons but I only used 5. Now, I am using more of OmniFocus!

Franz M, Austria

Very useful for improving productivity.

Craig L, USA

Well thought out. So far very helpful to me.

Adam Chapman, Canada

Great resource for those new to OmniFocus. I have already recommended it to a friend.

Daylin B, Canada

Useful. Still working on it. I think I managed to get it to work with OmniFocus 2. Mostly the same as OmniFocus 1. Perspectives were the most challenging to set up between the Premium Posts and OmniFocus 2.

Bernadette Phillips, USA

Following these posts truly helped me up the steep learning curve that would have been a struggle otherwise.

Alfi M, Malaysia

Still reading up to Part 2 now. So far, I haven't found something new or extraordinary. I'm already familiar with OmniFocus and the principals and workflow. I also have applied a system similar to what you've design in the Premium Post which I learned from your regular posts, screencasts and some other websites. But yes your product is good as it gather the bits from here and there and put it in an practical format. Let's see when I go through Part 3 & 4 : )

Rob MacLachlan, Canada

The material was very well written and found it very helpful.

Mathieu L, USA

Not quite done but proving useful to streamline my structure, which was a little but out of control before applying the suggestions of AE. Now it looks much less overwhelming.

Vincent van Andel, Netherlands

When I bought this product I wasn't sure that there would be something new in it. I've read almost all the posts and books about OmniFocus, so I can classify myself as an advanced OmniFocus user. But in this product there is a lot information that was new to me, or better explained than in any other material. For me this is the missing manual from OmniFocus, everyone who wants to buy OmniFocus needs to buy this product! You won't regret it.

Noe Rodriguez, USA

Great product, I would not have been able to implement OmniFocus had it not been because of it.

Alastair Stewart, UK

I hesitated over the cost, but after purchase feel the decision to buy is fully vindicated by the difference I can already see in my workflow. I wish I'd bought Premium Posts a long ago!

Robert J, USA

I was hesitant at first. After going through the posts just once, it was a bargain at twice the price.

Mike B, USA

I like the simplicity. Easy to apply daily.

Paul V, France

Extremely useful. I am working through it page by page.

Jessica B, USA

I've been meaning to write with feedback but you beat me to it! I love your videos and the "collection". I am SO glad I found OmniFocus. I am not the same caliber of knowledge worker as you guys (though I totally know what that means etc), BUT I have totally extracted lots of valuable info and workflow strategies from AE. I'm still slightly old school (but at least I am trying to transition out of post-its to INBOX) I am an older mom with a 4.5 year old girl and a semi-techy husband who works remotely from home. My point is,my life is a complex with LOTS of "projects". The best tip (it's hard to pick) so far is not to put due dates (well, I use them sparingly!). Thank you guys!

David, UK

This is a really useful product – I'm investing in Omnifocus to get on top of a really demanding set of responsibilities and following the set up instructions was a really quick route in to an efficient workflow. I'm working through as I have time and have got as far as the Asian Efficient Workflow post. Have also been watching the Productivity Blueprint videos and have implemented several of the tips – you have an excellent sense of efficient organisational strategies for the kinds of responsibilities 21st century professionals have.

Gretchen, USA

I am currently on my second read through to help iron out some kinks I have noticed after a few days of using my new OmniFocus setup. I am extremely pleased with the results so far. I had been putting off purchasing this item for over a year due to its price, but I cannot honestly claim that it won't add at least that value to my life.

I am probably not your intended audience. I am a working mum in grad school. I have very limited time and efficiency is essential. I am always on the lookout for GTDish context setups for handling the presence of small children and maybe more household responsibility than seems to be the norm in productivity literature.

Oliver R, Germany

I love it. It changed the way I use OmniFocus and it was super easy to setup.

I made some tweaks to fit in some of my other workflows. For example, I made a very nice CRM workflow and now use OmniFocus as my primary sales tool, too:

I have a subfolder "Contacts". Each client is a project. Tasks in the project represent current state of the opportunity and past communications with notes. Each Contact has a "Start" date on the project level that gets updated after a communication. Then I created a perspective that only shows active contacts. This way I never lose track of staying in touch with clients and prospects.

I also stole the idea of adding pokemons to my perspective icons. Saw it on one of the screenshots.

Great product and blog guys! My German Efficiency is now combined with your Asian Efficiency. It's super effective!

Brian M, USA

It literally changed my whole work flow. I love the way I have things set up now. I have never felt more in control of my life and priorities. It is a world class product.

Paul K, USA

What's good about the product is that it allows a real beginner to BOTH OmniFocus and GTD to get up to speed pretty quickly. When I first started (before buying your product), I tried to learn OmniFocus. My friend who used it said that I really needed to learn GTD first and just let OF be the tool. I didn't want spend the time to do that and I found that your course allowed me to learn both at the same time.

Ryan P, Canada

I thought it was extremely well organized, and without question along with GTD and some Tony Robbins, it changed my life. Job well done guys!

David H, USA

I’m a fairly senior manager in the organisation and I really enjoy your posts. They are exceptionally effective. In particular, your OmniFocus posts have transformed the way I use the software. I would consider my productivity has improved by at least 100%. Many thanks.

Rich C, USA

I'm stepping through it slowly, but my experience in utilizing OmniFocus has completely changed. I'm very, very pleased with the content and advice provided.

John E, USA

I am still in the process of fully integrating the tips and tricks into my OmniFocus setup and usage. I have found the product very useful especially when it comes to the use of Perspectives. Thank you for this quality product.

Mark M, Canada

A colleague and I were discussing business processes and strayed to the topic personal task managers; when he asked if I would recommend OmniFocus I said yes but contingent on subscribing to your Premium Posts in order to get it up and running effectively in short order, rather than bumbling about with it in various ways as I did for too long and setting it aside.

Mikael S, Sweden

I have tried getting my GTD system up and running for years. I thnk it finally is coming together now, thanks to you guys!

Bradley S, South Africa

For about 5 years now I've been looking for a Task Management system that would work for me and not me for it. I've used OmniFocus before and knew all the settings and functionality. However, I wasn't able to put into a system that worked. Your book has helped me develop that system. Thank you! One of the best purchases I've made.

Guillermo L, USA

I wish I had discovered it earlier, I am a big fan now. I has really helped me decipher a workflow using OmniFocus to fit my needs, and at my own pace to fit my crazy schedule... mind you, I think as it helps me discover the new version 2 release of OmniFocus I will be yet more appreciative.

So far, the score is AE 1, Procrastination 0.

Tyler H, USA

I love all the thought put behind the system and different styles. For me, the hardest thing to figure out is what works for me. I'm still in trial and era right now. Sort of a mix between Agile Results and GTD. I think I lean more to Agile because the philosophy is made to adjust with life changes!

Tony O, Australia

I find Asian Efficiency invaluable as I come up to speed with the new OmniFocus 2. Your tips, ideas and comments are very very clear and helpful. Your input saves me many many hours and my organisation continues to fine tune and works well for me. Thank you to the AE Team.

Marius J, Lithuania

Very useful!

Ted C, USA

I haven't fully applied it yet, but I have had positive results from what I have been able to implement. The material is excellent.

B Bunk, Netherlands

It is a lot, but is also very useful. Although I have already quite some experience with OF, there is still a lot of new information in there. It helps me to become more productive, so it works!

Go on like this! I appreciate the way you help people with organizing their work.

Paul F, Singapore

Provides a structured approach to managing tasks/projects. Not being overwhelmed by clutter or too many tasks to take on for the day.

David F, USA

It revitalized my project management. I feel more in control and on top of things.

Dave T, Germany

It's WAAAAYYYYY better than I thought.

I've used OmniFocus for 3 years now, but only after I purchased Premium Posts did I began to understand how lousy I was at using OmniFocus!

OmniFocus feels like a part of my brain now and not a tool I need to manage.

I've already recommended OmniFocus 2 in combination with a purchase of the Premium Posts to a couple of friends – OmniFocus 2 without the Premium Posts doesn’t make any sense to me anymore.

Thanks for writing such amazing posts. Just wanted to you to know that. Keep up the amazing work, dudes.

Angela S, USA

I like it. It has helped with my set up and use of OF. I am not yet through the whole thing but it has been good so far.

Mauricio G, USA

Great! Thank you for such an excellent product.

Bruce M, USA

Very helpful tips and overviews.

Andrew Todd, UK

Positive. I made a positive decision to move from a Microsoft to Apple platform and AE has certainly helped in that transition alongside Omni Group products.

The timing of moving from OmniFocus 1 to OmniFocus2 has added a layer of complexity that AE has helped clarify.

Ben H, USA

Amazing. I'm really glad I took the plunge and bought the program. It has been a great help!

David K, USA

Still working through it, but it has already helped my workflows. I was "pretty good" with OmniFocus before, but just the improvement in the way I use contexts and perspectives has really helped.

John M, Ireland

Great material and very practical.

Bruce F, USA

I'm still in the midst of applying it--but am enjoying and feeling like it is helping.

Jeff L, UK

Only half way through but has made a real difference so far!

Brian Y, USA

Still refer to it - very good guide on utilizing OmniFocus 2 very quickly and without wasting time learning on your own.

Christian M, Germany

Great product. Did made me understand the OmniFocus Workflow better and is a great tool to implement a workflow that is focussed on doing the stuff and not organizing the stuff that should be done!

Daniel Cooper, Canada

Very good!

Terry E, USA

I've got to tell you that I switched to OmniFocus from Things a few months ago but never really figured out how to use it well. Yesterday I went through a number of your posts (I'm well into the third post) and really see the power of this tool now thanks to your instructions. Worth every penny! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Andrew L, UK

I am enjoying using OmniFocus Premium Posts and keep dipping in and out to remind myself how best to set up and use OmniFocus 2. There is no way I would have achieved the benefits of OmniFocus without the AE Premium Posts.

Terrell E, USA

You guys have done an outstanding job of putting together this tutorial. The folks at Omni Group should hire you and/or more proactively promote your program as part of the product.

Stewart M, Canada

Very helpful refresh and refocus of using OmniFocus!

Robert V, US

OmniFocus Premium Posts have significantly improved my use of OmniFocus. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to seriously use OmniFocus as their one management system.

Philip L, Canada

Lots of great content that has been tried and tested. I find your personal perspective appealing.

Jeffrey D, USA

I am still applying it, but this extra information and tips have accelerated my implementation! It was very informative and easy to process! I also applaud your vision and hard work for its success!

Kimberly E, USA

I had been using OmniFocus for only a few months, but knew I wasn't applying it the way I should. I still felt like I kept checking everything to be sure I hadn't forgot something. And was still living off the Forecast View, using due dates for things that weren't really due. After a few short days after completing the OmniFocus Premium Posts, I am getting more done and don't feel that I'm "missing" something.

Thank you so much for creating this! I am still reading the section for Power Usage but I am already much more productive! Thank you guys so much! The only feedback I have would be that I would love more MOM examples (even though I know thats not your target audience). I know it's like a CEO, taking care of husband, kids, dogs, housekeeping, accounting, administrative. It just took me a little while to come up with folders & how I should break things into projects. But I still LOVE you guys.

Carol L, USA

I am at last understanding how to use OmniFocus to its utmost. It is refreshing to have everything I need to do in one place, and easily accessible. I also learned some great tips for TextExpander which are proving valuable timesavers.

Danny H, Netherlands

I haven't had the time yet to complete it (I know ;) ) but I really like it. It's to the point and doesn't go on with very lengthy explanations. I like the fact that the video's are short too. That makes them really useful. I mostly don't watch longer video's. I am going to use your suggestions about the flag-system and daily listings. I never thought of using OmniFocus that way; so I'm really exited about that.

Camilo B, Colombia

Very good and useful resource.

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