Meet Thanh Pham

Thanh Pham is an internationally recognized productivity authority that has helped hundreds of thousands of people in over 170 countries manage their time, get more freedom and live a productive, successful life.

He was a chronic procrastinator that would always do things last-minute, get easily distracted and never get things done on time. After years of failing to accomplish his goals and being mocked for "least likely to succeed" at annual family dinners, he set out on a journey to reinvent himself and become the person he wanted to be - respected, productive and successful. He jokingly calls that time period the "dark ages" where he worked through hundreds of books, audiobooks and seminars and kept trying out different things to see what did and didn't work.

Thanh was one of the earliest adopters of Getting Things Done and other various time management systems that became popular around the early 2000s. While these systems worked some of the time, he wasn't happy with the results he was getting. After lots of trial-and-error, he finally figured it all out and now shares everything he knows on Asian Efficiency.

Thanh Pham

Meet Aaron Lynn

Aaron Lynn has been obsessed with doing things productively since elementary school.

He distinctly remembers being given a paper diary by his parents - and being told to write out his homework for each day and what he had learnt at school that day. Ever since being forced into a daily habit of writing out tasks and outcomes, reflecting on learnings and effective journalling, he has developed an obsession with productivity, managing and mastering time and helping others do the same - becoming efficient and effective in whatever they do.

Through a process of working as an analyst for some of Australia's largest corporations and in bootstrapping a lead acquisition startup in San Francisco, Aaron developed systems, structures, processes and principles that were not only worked, but worked better than what had come before. He spent some time travelling and teaching these principles to select groups of friends, colleagues and mentors and at AsianEfficiency.com. These principles have since been used by thousands of people around the world.

Aaron Lynn is an internationally-recognized writer, speaker and authority in the areas of personal productivity and systems design. He is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Aaron Lynn

Meet Zachary Sexton

Zachary Sexton gets up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time... sometimes this makes planning the day difficult.

He overcame his day-to-week-to-month-to well… life planning difficulty and the anxiety that came with it when he was introduced to David Allen’s Getting Things Done in early 2013. Integrating GTD and other systems into his life, lead to a number of small successes.

"I got my oil changed on time. I returned all of my emails. I zeroed my inbox..."

Those small actions started to pile up in his personal and work life, giving him the confidence to take on bigger projects without fear that they would not be completed.

After successfully starting his own small business productivity consulting firm in Denver, CO, he joined the international Asian Efficiency team to help bring the message of stress-free productivity to a global audience.

"I believe everybody should have the opportunity to feel in control of their lives. The reason I am so excited to share the ideas and tools I have learned is because I know how big of difference it can make in your life."

Zachary recognizes the value that properly used technology can bring to individual and team workflows. He is thrilled to be helping Asian Efficiency bring its core purpose - to make the world a better and more efficient place - to people across the world.

Zachary Sexton.

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